Recycling in Romania: Chaos, Corruption and Incompetence

We are at the bottom in Europe's recycling rankings, but what Brussels doesn't know is that even the shameful percentages we report annually may be greatly exaggerated.
When you are asked to recycle half of the garbage you produce, and you report that you recycle only a tenth of the total amount, nobody wonders whether the shameful figures you report are real or not.

The truth is that no one actually knows how much is recycled in Romania: there are differences of tens of millions of tonnes between the statistics of the two central institutions that collect data on the national recycling! Is it incompetence? Or maybe corruption?

After the presentation of the report Recorder Recycling in Romania within the Focus/investigation program, together with our guests we try to understand why a correct waste management cannot be applied in Romania, since it is an area where sufficient European funding is coming?

In this regard, we recommend the recent report on the situation in Cluj.ție-aruncă-românia-bani-europeni-la-gunoi/video-66576762
14:00 - 14:34
THALIA - Sala Mare
Isabela Pop, Cristian Delcea (journalists Recorder)
Szakács István, environmental activist, Cluj
moderator: Traian Deleanu (60 min)