A Holy Family
Elvis A-Liang Lu • France, Taiwan • 2022 • 88 min • Premieră națională
After decades of absence, the director returns to his family in rural Taiwan, discovering his parents and elder brother addicted to superstition, religion and gambling.
A minimalist, participatory and autobiographical documentary, in which the very process of making the film becomes a means for the director to reconnect with his family, despite the fact that his worldview is wildly different from theirs. From his perspective, the daily rituals practiced by his family exert a strange power: instead of bringing his parents and brother together, they seem to actually alienate them. The film excels in showing us the unexpected, endearing process of narrowing the distance between the four.
Original Title:神人之家
Director:Elvis A-Liang Lu
Producers: Stefano Centini, Jean-Laurent Csinidis
Cinematographer: CK Chen, Wen-Chin Chou, Elvis A-Liang Lu
Editor: Yi-Ling Huang
Music: Point Hsu
Production Company: Volos Films, Films de Force Majeure
Sound: Damien Guillame, Gilles Benardeau, Wu Yu-Hsien