Diana Gavra • Romania, Spain • 2023 • 125 min • Premieră mondială


We enter the world of pickpockets and (re)discover sad truths about the Romanian social system.
The documentary features several pickpockets who have elevated this activity to an art form. We delve into their personal and professional lives and discover what it takes to be a thief. We get to know the stories of people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, who have had addictions, who grew up on the streets or people who have come to know first hand how it is to be imprisoned in various Europe countries. Some of the protagonists will never recover, others have become integrated into the social systems of other countries, have learned to read and write, have a social life, have a home and work hard at having a better life.
Original Title:Amar
Director:Diana Gavra
Producer: Diana Gavra
Cinematographer: Marius Panduru, Rareş Dima, Ştefan Comănescu, Lorand Marton, Alexandru Mavrodineanu, Gabriel Scoarţă, Andrei Petrea
Editors: Monica Pascu, Eugen Kelemen
Music: Ionel Tudorache & Taraf, Dorel Vasilescu
Production Company: Pintadera Film, Pro Omnia Cinema
Sound: Alexandru Dumitru