Between Revolutions
Vlad Petri • Croatia, Iran, Romania, Qatar • 2023 • 70 min • No Premiere
A bittersweet correspondence between two women, set against a backdrop of archival images of socialist Romania and Iran, before and after the Romanian and Islamic Revolutions.
Maria and Zahra meet each other in the 1970s as fellow medical students in Bucharest and begin a correspondence - under the watchful eye of the Secret Police - after Zahra returns to Tehran. The film highlights parallels between individual and collective destinies, gracefully overlapping the women’s affection for each other and the physical distance separating them with the interplay of illusion and disappointment at social and political level. Using fragments from Forough Farrokhzad and Nina Cassian’s works and with a script co-written by Vlad Petri together with contemporary Romanian writer Lavinia Braniște, the film focuses on the perennial issue of women’s lack of freedom in patriarchal societies.
Original Title:Între Revoluţii
Director:Vlad Petri
Producers: Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, Oliver Sertic
EditoDragoş Apetri, Cătălin Cristuţiu, Vlad Petrir: Dragoș Apetri, Cătălin Cristuțiu, Vlad Petri
Production Company: Activ Docs
Sound: Filip Mureşan, Vlad Voinescu