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Dancing at My Parents' Wedding

Andreea Chiper • Romania • 2023 • 23 min
In an attempt to learn more about her family and herself, a young filmmaker watches the videotape from her parents' wedding which took place 25 years ago.
What starts as an intimate endeavour to recover and understand the past of her parents - who divorced just three years after they got married - by analysing frame by frame their wedding videotape soon turns into an artistic endeavour. The end result is a personal film where the author commenting on the footage tries to retrace destinies, but also to justify decisions or explain her own anxieties and uncertainties.
Original Title:Dansez și eu la nunta părinților mei
Director:Andreea Chiper
Producer: Elena Martin
Cinematographer: Cristi Grigorovici
Editor: Andrei Voineag
Production Company: UNATC
Sound: Andrei Lăcraru