Dear Odesa
Kyrylo Naumko • Italy • 2022 • 52 min • Premieră națională
The director of the film returns to his hometown, Odesa, and tries to rediscover it, bringing memories back to life with the help of his mother and a childhood friend.
In this personal documentary, the director captures the streets of Odesa, his childhood home, the fish market or flea market, shortly before the war, wondering to what extent his hometown still represents "home". His mother and his childhood best friend become guides through the city that is actually the main character of the film, captured through suggestive shots and details, iconic places, stray cats, tram journeys, faces of people. We get to explore a world slowly crumbling, frozen in time, whose particular beauty and melancholy are about to disappear, in a film where the director manages to convey all his emotion and love for this city.
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