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Eating Differently - The Experiment
Kurt Langbein, Andrea Ernst • Austria • 2020 • 90 min • No Premiere
The Earth's resources are finite, and we are the only ones who can determine the extent to which we produce and consume.
We buy constantly and chaotically, we consume twice as much as existing resources allow, we are wasteful and, what's more, we have developed over time an industry supported by systems that pollute the entire planet enormously in order to find everything on the shop shelves. What can we do to limit food waste and streamline production? We learn one possible option from three families in Austria and France who are taking part in an experiment on food and how they source or produce it. But are we willing to reinvent ourselves to save our species and our planet? Special screenings followed by discussion sessions.
Original Title:Eating Differently - The Experiment
Directors:Kurt Langbein,Andrea Ernst
Producer: Kurt Langbein
Editor: Alexandra Wedenig
Production Company: Langbein & Partner Media
Sound: Martin Kadlez, Leonhard Weidinger, Armin Koch