Land You Belong
Elena Rebeca Carini • Italy, Romania • 2023 • 91 min • No Premiere
Two siblings who were adopted as children in two different countries are reunited almost 30 years later, when they embark on an adventure to their homeland.
Elena is a young Italian born in Bucharest and adopted when she was only six-months-old. Once she discovers Gerard, her brother adopted in Belgium, she decides to go on a trip with him to their hometown to find out what makes them who they truly are. We accompany them and discover an intense story, captured on camera in real time and enriched by the situations the two siblings have to face as they arrive in unfamiliar Romania. It's a rich story energized by the director's powerful emotions as she faces an experience that will change her for ever.
Original Title:Pământul de care aparținem
Director:Elena Rebeca Carini
Producers: Matteo Pecorara, Irina Malcea-Cândea
Cinematographer: Carmen Tofeni
Editor: Diego Berré
Music: Marius Leftarache
Production Company: Small Boss, Luna Film
Sound: Mirel Cristea