Christian Einshøj • Denmark • 2023 • 89 min • Premieră națională
An autobiographical film about family dynamics that questions the roles played by grief, dislocation and isolation in nurturing self-destructive patterns of masculinity.
Director Christian Einshøj goes back in time, analysing 25-year-old home movies made by his father. The filmmaker’s purpose? To understand why all the men in his family are currently distanced from each other and how they could become close again. Why did his father end up compulsively shooting videos of birds for a few years? Or why does it always feel like he can never stay still? Christian scans key moments of crisis in his family history, carefully, curiously, warmly, self-deprecatingly and humorously trying to come up with a witty solution to absurdity.
Original Title:The Mountains
Director:Christian Einshøj
Producer: Mathilde Hvid Lippmann
Cinematographer: Christian Einshøj
Editor: Christian Einshøj
Production Company: Made in Copenhagen
Sound: Sune Kaarsberg