Mrs. Buica
Eugene Buică • Romania • 2023 • 83 min • Premieră mondială
We discover how it is to be one of the Buicăs. They may seem aggressive, they may seem loving, they may seem delusional or even nefarious, but they are certainly endowed with humour.
A documentary made with footage recorded over 24 years in Romania and the United States, in which the director manages to capture the decline of his own family. Ioana accuses Petre of infidelity, sometimes jokingly, sometimes seriously, but these accusations cause their relationship to fall apart over time, and not without consequences. The film presents a sad and touching story, painting a picture of four people who thought they were meant to grow old together, but who fell apart over time.
Original Title:Mrs. Buică
Director:Eugene Buică
Producer: Eugene Buică
Cinematographer: Gene Gamache, Eugene Buică
Editors: Ligia Popescu, Andrei Ioniţă
Production Company: Doi lei şi o chiflă
Sound: Ștefan Teodorescu