My Mum Rita

Qiqi Hou • UK • 2022 • 21 min
For more than eight years, 68-year-old Louise has been caring for her 92 year-old mother who suffers from dementia, but Louise will soon have a big decision to make.
Louise loves her mother dearly, but at some point she realizes that she has become her nurse and is actually sacrificing her own life caring for her, so she decides to commit her to an institution. The decision is hard, but in her few moments of clarity Rita accepts it with serenity. The film deals with an important topic in today's society - what is the duty of sons and daughters when their parents grow old and can no longer care for themselves? The director manages to convey various aspects of the relationship between mother and daughter, approaching the characters in a warm, non-intrusive way, through dialogues and small domestic scenes. She then captures the move to the nursing home and the changes it causes in the relationship.
Original Title:My Mum Rita
Director:Qiqi Hou
Producer: Qiqi Hou
Cinematographer: Qiqi Hou, Yinzi Zeng
Editor: Qiqi Hou
Production Company: London College of Communication
Sound: Yinzi Zeng, Roy Jox Fredstie, Julia Martin