Nora (15+)
Carla-Maria Teaha • Romania • 2023 • 85 min • No Premiere
A film with and about the lovely Nora Iuga and her unique way of feeling and creating. She is an elderly writer who will linger in the viewers’ minds long after seeing this documentary.
Nora is invited to the Frankfurt Book Fair and she travels there by train, accompanied by the director who looks forward to hear all her amazing life stories. All the twists and turns of this journey, as well as what happens there and back home, help us explore the emotional universe, the worldview and spirit of an utterly special woman. We meet her both in her day-to-day activities and out of her comfort zone, pondering on various life aspects, reliving moments from her past and expressing her view on romance. Here is a complex and charming character in her 90s, eminently lucid and capable of humour and self-irony.
Original Title:De ce mă cheamă Nora, când cerul meu e senin
Director:Carla-Maria Teaha
Producer: Alina Tarbă
Cinematographer: Ana Drăghici, Dalila Dulgheriu, Andrei Oană, Andrei Rădulescu, Radu Tancău
Editors: Roxana Szel, Ligia Popescu, Patricia Chelaru
Production Company: Wearebasca
Sound: Ștefan Teodorescu