Paying a Visit to Fortuna
Mátyás Kálmán • Croatia, Hungary • 2022 • 74 min • Premieră națională
Aniko and Laci live in abject poverty, but one day a lottery win brings them two million euro and their lives are about to change.
The luck of Aniko and Laci, a middle-aged couple from Hungary, changes overnight when they win a large amount of money at the lottery. Now the two can start a new life, which seems full of opportunities, but also of marital crises, as they discover they have drastically different views on the small necessities of life. An unusual couple in search of happiness is presented without artifice and with good humour in this documentary which observes its protagonists without judging them.
Original Title:Fortuna vendégei
Director:Mátyás Kálmán
Producers: Mátyás Kálmán, Ágnes Horváth-Szabó, Bojan Kanjera, Tibor Keser
Cinematographer: Mátyás Kálmán, Bence Szemerey, Csaba Banto, Zoltan Lovasi, Julia Halasz
Editors: Ivor Šonje, Peter Sass, Agnes Mogor
Music: Matej Merlić
Production Company: Colloc Productions, Elf Pictures, Peglanje snova, Kompot
Sound: Luka Gamulin