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Alina Maksimenko • Poland • 2022 • 30 min
Two women, a mother and her middle-aged daughter, share an apartment in Warsaw during the lockdown and try to rediscover a way to communicate.
The director captures her domestic life during the pandemic, while living with her 68-year-old mother who teaches piano lessons online. The two women hardly talk to each other, while they share a space that creates the feeling of a cage, of captivity, with the city constantly lurking beyond the window. As a family friend's daughter dies in a motorcycle accident and the director talks to her on the phone, scenes of dialogue gradually banish the feeling of alienation in the house. The film conveys a certain emotion and a certain mood, showing that silence too has its purpose, as the mother and daughter finally begin to grow closer to each other.
Original Title:Ptitsa
Director:Alina Maksimenko
Producers: Katarzyna Madaj-Kozlowska, Filip Marczewski
Cinematographer: Alina Maksimenko
Editor: Feliks Mirosław Mamczur
Music: Vladimir Tarasov
Production Company: Wajda Studio
Sound: Alina Maksimenko