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Alban Teurlai, Thierry De Maizière • France • 2022 • 114 min • Premieră națională
What does the life of a group of teenagers at a famous Paris high school, breaking down stereotypes through intense study and hip-hop, looks like?
How hard and well are you willing to train and study to follow your dream? What role do teachers play in supporting and shaping you? A film about the artistic and academic maturation of a group of talented teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds who are admitted, following a competition, to one of France's top vocational high schools. The students are training hard for the biggest national hip-hop competition for high school students, but they can't perform unless they pass their other subjects. Teachers and counsellors at this prestigious Parisian high school aim to reduce school drop-out through creative teaching and training methods. Special screenings followed by discussion sessions.
Original Title:Allons enfants
Directors:Alban Teurlai,Thierry De Maizière
Producers: Stéphanie Schorter, Romain Icard, Thierry De Maizière, Alban Teurlai
Cinematographer: Alban Teurlai
Editor: Alban Teurlai
Production Designer: Macha Prod, Stéphanie Schorter
Sound: Emmanuel Guionet