Silent Love
Marek Kozakiewicz • Germany, Poland • 2022 • 72 min • Premieră națională
After her mother's death, Aga returns home to care for her younger brother, Miłosz, but keeps quiet about her romantic relationship with another woman.
After her mother dies, 35-year-old Aga returns from Germany to look after her teenage brother Miłosz. She makes her best efforts to play the role of a parent and she keeps her romantic relationship with Maja a secret. Will the three of them succeed in becoming a family in the midst of a conservative, macho-minded community in a small Polish town? An impeccably constructed documentary with some extraordinary characters, Silent Love presents us with a moving story about growing up, taking on new roles and redefining old ones.
Original Title:Silent Love
Director:Marek Kozakiewicz
Producers: Agnieszka Skalska, Alexandre Tondowski
Cinematographer: Marek Kozakiewicz
Editors: Anna Garncarczyk, Agata Cierniak
Music: Bartosz Bludau
Production Company: Koi Studio, Lekko Films, Tondowski Film
Sound: Mateusz Adamczyk, Sebastian Witkowski