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Three Women

Maksym Melnyk • Germany • 2022 • 85 min
In a depopulated Ukrainian village, an old woman, a postal worker and a researcher find a new meaning of life despite their isolation and loneliness.
An old woman has lost her whole family and is now left with only a cow to keep her company, but she goes about her days with serenity. The post office clerk fears the office will close, she always runs out of stamps, and her only job is to bring pensions to the village elders. A researcher searches for bear faeces in a nature reserve and dreams of going on an expedition to Antarctica. Starting from the portraits of these three women, the film manages to create an authentic and moving portrait of rural life in pre-war Ukraine. Everyone leaves from the village of Stuzhytsya in the mountains on the border with Slovakia and Poland, but the filmmakers try to adapt here and become part of the world they document, a recognizable world that is familiar to everyone hailing from Eastern Europe.
Original Title:Drei Frauen
Director:Maksym Melnyk
Producers: Maksym Melnyk, Andrea Wohlfeil
Cinematographer: Florian Baumgarten, Meret Madörin
Editor: Jannik Eckenstaler
Production Company: Babelsberg Film University Konrad Wolf
Sound: Roman Pogorzelski
17:00 - 18:25
Astra Film Cinema