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Worlds of Ice
Philippe Baylaucq • Canada • 2022 • 35 min • Premieră națională
This film takes us through the frozen paths of the solar system and, more importantly, to our own planet, to places where the ice never melts... yet!
How does a perfect flake form, and what lies beyond the refreshing magic of ice cubes in the torrid summer cups? We'll be fascinated by the chemistry and architecture of a form of water that keeps us alive but which we value far too little. A story about the indissoluble relationship between man and this substance with a breathtaking dynamic, told in a fascinating artistic manner.
Original Title:Mondes de glace
Director:Philippe Baylaucq
Producer: René Chénier
Cinematographer: Nicolas Didtsch Sébastien Gauthier
Editor: Arnaud Mariat
Music: Robert Marcel Lepage Béatrice Deer
Production Company: National Film Board of Canada
Sound: Benoît Dame