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AFF LIFEBOATS continues last year's AFF WAVES. It is a new challenge for the festival audiences who are called to unlikely venues for new and exciting cinema experiences. This year the Festival offers you seats in "lifeboats", because we believe that documentaries have the power to make a contribution if we want to escape disasters brought about by criminal human interventions on nature. AFF LIFEBOATS are also a metaphor for the uncertainty we are experiencing in terms of climate change. The programme invites its audiences to a different kind of screening. Be prepared to change the confy cinema theatre seating for a place in a boat. Be prepared to row towards an un forgettable cinema experience on the lake lying at the heart of the charming Astra Museum. Theft and greed spell natural disaster! We need healthy forests! Our survival as humans and as a planet depends on them. The importance of the forests is paramount: they purify the environment, they are home for over half of the species living on the planet, and they can slow down global warming. So what can we do against wildfires and deforestations conducted by the very people who are supposed to protect the forest? These are some of the issues tackled in the films in the programme. This year's programme is the result of our partnership with PRO TV - Team Romania, I Love You! and RECORDER.

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