Prize-winning students at the 2023 comics competition

The comic creation program for primary school students (6+) was open to all participants of the film screenings of the Astra Film Junior Festival 2023 and ended with more than 500 works created by the students. After the evaluation by a jury made up of Sibiu artists: Coralie de Gonzaga, Silviu Tomişteanu and Casandra Vidrighin, 32 comics impressed us with their creativity and attention to requirements and attention to requirements, entering the final, of which 15 were awarded , and 17 received special mentions
The jury's motivation:
"The selection was motivated by the original style, the general aesthetics of the compositions, the authenticity, the expressiveness and dynamism of the drawings, the narrative thread of the stories and the observance of the rules that are the basis of a comic book."

award-winning designs

ANDREI ILIUŢ EDUARD_National College "Octavian Goga" Sibiu, Class III F
BARGLAZAN ȘTEFAN_Radu Selejan Secondary School Sibiu, Class II A
CǍLIN SABINA_High School No. 2 Sibiu, Preparatory Class C
DAJU IRINA_High School No. 18 Sibiu, Class I B.jpg
DRAGOMIR VLAD_Small Șura Secondary School, Preparatory Class
ŢGHIǍ HORIA_School "Nicolae Iorga" Sibiu, Grade II A
IORGULESCU MARIA_Cisnădie Secondary School No. 3, Grade III B
LOLOIU MATIAS_High School No. 2 Sibiu, Class IV C
MIRCEA CEZAR-GABRIEL_Cisnădie Secondary School No. 2, Class IV A
NISTOR ANDREI_High School No. 4 Sibiu, Class II C
PǍCURARU TEODOR_High School No. 18 Sibiu, Class IB
PETRE RAREȘ_Ion Luca Caragiale High School Sibiu, Class III A
POPA SOFIA_High School No. 2 Sibiu, Class IV C
ŪCțA-SǍRǍROIU TIMEEA IOANA_Secondary School No. 4 Sibiu, Class IC
VOINESCU MIRUNA IOANA_ "Ion Luca Caragiale" Secondary School Sibiu, Preparatory Class E

finalist drawings

BOITOR LEA_High School No. 18 Sibiu_Class IB
BOLAT IOAN_High School "Octavian Goga" Sibiu_Grade IA
BRUS IOANA_Gymnasial School No. 4 Sibiu_Class IC
BUțIU PATRICK_High School No. 2 Sibiu_Class IV C
DRAGOMIR DAIANA_Sura Little Middle School_Preparatory class
FURDUI DAVID VALENTIN_High School No. 2 Sibiu_Class II B
GUNESCH IUNIA_High School No. 2 Sibiu_Class IV C
HORVAT SEBASTIAN_High School No. 2 Sibiu_Class IV C
HUCULECI ALEXANDRU__Sura Little Secondary School_3rd Grade
IEPURE ANIA_Gymnasial School No. 4 Sibiu_Class IC
IONIȚ SABINA_Sibiu Art High School_Second Class
IORDACHE ALEXANDRU_High School No. 3 Cisnădie_Class III B
LAZĂR CIPRIAN_Cisnădie Secondary School No. 3_Class III B
PRECUP BHATORIE ANASTASIA_Gymnasial School No. 3 Cisnădie_Class III B
STANCIU EMA IOANA_Gymnasial School "Ion Luca Caragiale" Sibiu_Preparatory Class E
VEREBEI IRINA_ "Ion Luca Caragiale" Secondary School Sibiu_ Grade III C
VLAD NICOLAE CRISTIAN_High School No. 4 Sibiu_Class II B