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Cinema is full of great love stories of all kinds, most of them showing the first part of the love encounter; love at first sight is one top choises for movie makers. The films in this section offer a rare occasion to reflect on the nature of long term marriages. 

Radiograph of a family tells the story of a marriage where, throughout the years, both the husband and the wife changed on a personal level, so much that this change led them to the opposite sites in the political belief spectrum. The husband, a swiss trained doctor remains a fan of the european secular, art loving person, while the wife becomes a fervent believer-activist of the movement which led to Islam revolution and the Islamic Republic of Iran.  

The film Between Us, basically follows the quest: How couples are dealing on the long run with the initial, essential attachment and love?  Screening complex, long relationships is a dense, sometimes painful experience for married couples. The film uses a set of carefully selected questions as a guide to make a 10 years check-up of their relationship. These are questions which couples avoided to ask as it might have lead to uncomfortable talks: How do you remember our first meeting? What gestures best show my love to you? What do you value the most about me? What do you think it gives me more joy? What do you think my greatest dreams are? Do you like my smell? What subject feels hard for you to talk about? Why are you most afraid? What would change totally the relationship? How do you imagine yourself in old age? 

The film invites us to be part of hard talks, an intimate journey in the cine-reflection process of 3 couples. The determination of the author and of the couples to go as deep as possible with the answers, the spontaneous, subtle reactions, the faces of the couples, the half stories, the hints and the chemistry between them, brings the audience to a valuable journey which takes us to face the hardships, the humour, the pain, the absurd aspects of mature love relationships. 

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