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DOC TALK: Couples in troubled waters

FRIDAY, 10 September, 21:53 hrs. TÂRGUL DE ȚARĂ

Dorota Proba, Poland,  53 min /NATIONAL PREMIERE

What are the ingredients for a successful relationship? Can love withstand the test of time? "Between Us" is a warm and intimate documentary that does not shy away from asking delicate questions and in doing so reveals suprising answers, very intense feelings, and a touch of humour, just like life itself. Three couples of different ages and from various walks of life share their hopes and doubts of a future together. The film is the starting point for an open discussion in search of answers to the opening question.

*couples have free enrty

Moderator: Amalia Enache
Amalia is a well-known Romanian TV journalist. She has been a news anchor for ProTV for 25 years. She is constantly involved in projects related to social welfare. She is also a speaker on social issues and uses her voice to make things better in Romania.

Guest Speaker: Mihai Copăceanu, Psychologist, Medical doctor and Author

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