Astra Film DokTank is the industry program of Astra Film Festival is specially designed to foster the development of Romanian documentary film industry. The programme is organically connected to the festival's mission to explore and understand the human condition as it is revealed in the creative perspective and the potential of documentary cinema.

Astra Film DokTank 2022 will take place in 13-14 october. It presents a pitching session, to facilitate networking between the industry experts, potential partners from European industry, as well as the crew of the 10 projects selected this year from Romania and Republic of Moldova. Besides the pitching session, the program will include masterclasses, presentations, discussions about the present day conditions and challenges of the documentary film production and distribution.

Schedule DokTank @ AFF 2022

Thursday, O ctober 13th

19:00 - portrait program Nick Broomfield

Friday, October 14th

11:00 - 13:00 CEE –Romanian Documentary Projects- pitching session

13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch break

14:00 - 15:00 - The Distribution of Documentary Films in Romania. Speaker: Monica Felea (BadUnicorn)

15:00 - Award presentation: the winner of the best project pitched will be presented with a prize in post-production services offered by Cinelabs Romania


Diana Ramona Gavra
Production company: Pintadera Film, Pro Omnia Cinema SL, Shadowgraph, Film Production SL
Country of production: Romania and Spain (co-production)
Yesterday Ended Last Night
Ona Tenter & Delia Marinescu
Executive producer: Mona Nicoară
Country of production: Romania
Beyond Sight
Alex Brendea
Production company: RawManiaCollective
Country of production: Romania
The Fairest of Them All
Lidia Andreea Ilie
Production company: Matka Productions
Country of production: Romania
Ultimate Weapon
Dragoș Turea
Production company: Parmis Film Studio, Rova Film
Country of production: Republic of Moldova, Romania
Nora Agapi & Maxim Cîrlan
Production company: AO MOLDOX, Manifest Film
Country of production: Republic of Moldova, Romania
Jean-Lorin Sterian
Production company: Homemade Culture
Country of production: Romania
Yala Yala
Csibi László
Production company: Dunatáj Foundation
Country of production: Romania, Austria
More Than Love
Cîrstea Maria
Production company: Bucuria Film
Country of production: Romania
Canis Aureus
Dragoș Hanciu
Production company: Monogram Film, Strange Bird GMBH
Country of production: Romania, Germany