Europe 30: Inbetweening

History seems to follow a cyclic pattern. Thirty years ago, the infamous Berlin Wall was torn down by enthusiastic crowds. In those moments of euphoria, the future appeared so very bright to people from either side of the Iron Curtain. However, some thirty years later, new walls were to be erected across Europe. The programme Europe 30: Inbetweening takes a look at Europe's recent history as the continent and its philosophical move from one wall to the next.

  • The Border Fence

    A documentary about populism and its absurd consequences. Brenner Pass, Alpine border, spring 2016: the Austrian government announces the construction of a border fence, expecting a shift of the refugee routes to Italy after the Balkan route is closed. The residents fear the fence just as much as the supposedly threatening influx of foreigners to their homeland. Two years later, the fence is still rolled up in a container, as the inrush of refugees never occurred.

    Nikolaus Geyrhalter • Austria • 2018 • 112′


  • The Trial of Ratko Mladic

    In 2017, the Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic was found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity and sentenced to life in prison. Mladic’s name became synonymous with the murder of over 7000 muslim men and boys in Srebrenica in 1995 – the worst crime on European soil since World War II. This film tells an epic story of justice, accountability and a country still struggling to escape from its bloody past.

    Rob Miller, Henry Singer • UK • 2018 • 100′

  • The Wall

    The Wall

    A poetic and enigmatic documentary by painter and filmmaker Jürgen Böttcher, who relies on sight and sound to contemplate the Berlin Wall’s historic and symbolic significance. This unconventional documentary highlights the Berlin Wall, its last days and its highly anticipated destruction. Both seemingly banal and historical moments are captured and presented without verbal commentary, against the acoustic backdrop of curious masses of people and relentless media.

    Jürgen Böttcher • Germania • 1989 • 100′