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Jacopo Marzi • UK, Italy • 2021 • 84 min /WORLD PREMIERE
The Saxons settled in Transylvania 8 centuries ago and emigrated massively 30 years back. One Transylvanian Saxon family does not accept this might be the end of their story.
In 1990, just after the collapse of the Ceauşescu regime, Susanna marries Udo. Their wedding is the last one to be celebrated between two Saxons in Reichersdorf, their home village. After that, the couple flees Romania for Germany like half a million of Transylvanian Saxons, leaving behind eight centuries of history. Three decades later, their relationship has gone stale and they haven’t taught their native language to their daughters, who consider themselves 100% German. This is the choral story of a family, of people who are learning to change in order not to disappear.
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