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  • Jurnalul familiei Escu

    Being Romanian: A Family Journal

    The story of millions of Romanians who have ended up living between these borders and having to stand each other: just the way things happen in every large family. This is a journey through space and time, where family bridges the gap between every moment that has united us or torn us apart during all these years. By defining some various elements – language, nationality, religion, gastronomy, sports, politics, war, agriculture, traditions, music or fashion – the documentary explores how these aspects of life have modeled and influence our family.

    Șerban Georgescu • Romania • 2019 • 95′

  • Grup Canal '77

    Group Canal ‘77

    After unsuccessfully trying various ways to leave Romania, five young adherents of the Goma Movement (a protest action started by the writer Paul Goma against the rulers of communist Romania) are accused of social parasitism and condemned to one year of forced labour only because they wanted to flee the communist “paradise”. Their odyssey is told by the sole survivor of the group, Mr. Radu Negrescu-Suţu.

    Dragoș Zămosteanu • Romania • 2019 • 72′

  • Palat pentru popor

    Palace for the People

    Palace for the People tells the stories of the most emblematic five buildings of socialist times – highly representative for the epoch and witnessing the historical turbulence in Eastern Europe in the second half of the 20th century. They were unique architectural creatures made with a lot of courage and a bit of lunacy to remind the people there was an ultimate power guiding them and a brighter future expecting them. Each building was the tallest, the largest, or had the most advanced technology of its time. Now that socialism is over, it’s high time we go back and reveal their hidden secrets. How do these buildings manage to survive nowadays?

    Boris Missirkov, Georgi Bogdanov • Bulgaria • 2018 • 77′

  • Cei ce rămân

    Pastures New

    The Romanian village of Mâlăncrav. These days, there’s always people leaving for uncertain and temporary work in western Europe, in the hope of making a better life back home. The ebb and flow of departures and homecomings affects every family. Through intimate portraits of people at the heart of the community, the film tells the stories of Natalia, Alina, Andrei, Ioan and Niculae. Strong and determined women; young people still without a care; and the last remaining shepherds clinging onto their land and their flocks.

    Charlotte Grégoire, Anne Schiltz • Belgium • 2019 • 93′

  • Rebels with a Cause

    Rebels with a Cause

    Dobrivoie Kerpenisan arrived in Romania on the 17th of december 1989 – just a few hours before all borders were closed. He was an art student in Germany and returned to Sanpetru Mare to visit his grandparents. What happened in this small village not far from Timisoara during the week prior to Christmas 1989? From the very first day the young photographer followed the people with his camera. What he captured was heated rebellion and anarchy in his native village, mass protests, looting and severely wounded bodies in Timişoara. Based on the rare and never before published images, his new film traces the protagonists of that time and portraits them 30 years later.  During the encounter the people watch for the first time these historical pictures and rediscover a crucial moments of their life. Facing it brings back the fear, courage and dreams they share in this documentary. The author shows a little explored side of the Romanian Revolution through personal stories at the end of the Ceausescu`s ”Golden Age“. A portrait of unknown heroes of a society in turmoil.

    Dobrivoie Kerpenisan • • 2019 • 54′

  • Profu'


    A math teacher from Transilvania becomes a local Don Quixote when he quits the conventional education system and opens a private school in his small apartment. Throughout an entire academic term we follow his struggle to rekindle the students’ passion of learning and change their lives for the better.

    Alex Brendea • Romania • 2019 • 83′

  • Distanța dintre mine și mine

    The Distance Between Me and Me

    We all wrestle with our past. Some more than others. Romanian Jewish avant-garde poet, musician, visual artist, femme fatale, prodigious drinker and terminal smoker Nina Cassian had more than most to wrestle with: her refuge in the Communist underground during the Fascist 1940s put her first in complicit proximity to the Stalinist regime of the 1950s, then propelled her on a collision course with the Ceauşescu regime in the 1970s, and eventually sent her into an unwanted New York exile in 1985. An intensely personal film about art, belief, and politics, The Distance Between Me and Me looks at the friction between individual memory and official archives, between our present reality and the narratives we construct about our former selves.

    Mona Nicoară, Dana Bunescu • Romania • 2018 • 89′

  • Fata de aur

    The Golden Girl

    Andreea Răducan is a successful 32-year-old woman and one of Romania’s greatest gymnasts. She worked all her life to become an Olympic champion, and when she finally won the all-round Olympic gold medal at Sydney in 2000, she was stripped of the title only three days later. Why? She had been found positive for a forbidden substance found in a flu tablet that the team’s doctor had gave her before entering the competition. Fifteen years later, Andreea is fighting the toughest fight against the people who deceived her, as she tries to recover her medal and, along with it, her dignity. Along the way, the film uncovers another side of the medal: the trauma, the effort, and the pain behind the glitter of a gold medal and the glamour of being a champion.

    Adrian Robe, Denisa Morariu Tamaș • Romania • 2019 • 96′

  • Casa cu Lacăt

    The House with a Lock

    What does corruption mean to us? This documentary is a reflection on the phenomenon of corruption, starting from a recent case of fraud in the high-school graduation exam and stepping further into a juridical, historical, sociological and anthropological analysis of corruption. An incursion in time and space, from the House with the Lock, a symbol of the maturity exam of the apprentices in the past, we dare ask: To what extent has the Romanian society integrated the values of Liberalism?

    Diana Gavra • Romania • 2019 • 91′

  • Omul care a vrut să fie liber

    The Man Who Would Be Free

    Throughout his life, Cezar Mititelu never had any kind of property. He refused to be ever employed and referred to paid work as “corruption”. In the eyes of the communist authorities, he was a “social parasite”, hunted all his life by the Secret Police and sent to prison twice. For some people, however, Cezar Mititelu was a teacher, a bearer of light in a world made of lies and ignorance. For his followers, this man was the proof that a life of complete freedom was really possible, with one condition: stepping outside of the lies and the hypocrisy created by the so-called modern life and starting the search for the true humanity that’s inside each of us.

    Mihai Mincan, George Chiper-Lillemark • Romania • 2018 • 105′

  • Grădina Sovietică

    The Soviet Garden

    While investigating his grandmother’s mysterious death, Dragoş, a filmmaker from the small country of Moldova, which was formerly part of the Soviet Union, discovers a secret scientific experiment. Dragoş unveils the secret plan of Nikita Khruschev to transform Moldova into the Soviet Garden by the application of atomic energy in local agriculture.

    Dragoș Turea • Romania • 2019 • 76′