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  • Hotelul lui Alfred

    Alfred’s Hotel

    Alfred runs an antiquated hotel and café in the Black Forest, where tourists are few and far between. Alfred’s daily routine is characterized by phlegmatic slowness. He hardly leaves his house to reminisce the days long gone. The longer we witness his life, with all its tragedy, the more unimaginable it becomes to bear. Still, there are a few unexpected moments in which Alfred finds his inner peace.

    Constanze Klaue, Phlipp Fussenegger • Germany • 2019 • 45′

  • Angor Pectoris

    Angor Pectoris

    Mixing images of contemporary Romania, archive films and the fascinating files of the Romanian secret services compiled during the Cold War, Sophie Dascal draws a mixed portrait of her mysterious grandfather; sketching out a wider reflection on identity, memory and the transmission of the traumas originating out of a totalitarian political regime.

    Sophie Dascal • Switzerland • 2018 • 29′

  • Înapoi


    The refugee crisis captured in one night, among exhausted crowds of work-seeking migrants and asylum seekers patiently persisting in their effort to begin a new life. It all happens in Tel Aviv, in front of the Department of Immigration, where hundreds of people line up every night to make sure they are first in line when the offices open. Most of them won’t get in anyway and those who do get in go through a difficult procedure that doesn’t guarantee their endeavor is a success.

    Dana Gelman • Israel • 2018 • 17′

  • Piele crăpată

    Broken Skin

    An emotionally charged poetic encounter between the filmmaker and other psoriasis sufferers on behalf of yet another 125 million people around the world who are silently enduring the secret pain of a very visible yet hidden disease. The film explores skin as a metaphor of strength, belief, belonging and alienations… a determined attempt of a healing journey.

    Lidija Burcak • Switzerland • 2019 • 25′

  • Fiul tatălui meu

    My Father’s Son

    Gershon and Moshe immigrated together from Russia to Israel 15 years ago and they finally settled in a small house in the neighborhood of Kiryat Moshe in Jerusalem. Gershon is a charismatic spiritual man who teaches students from all over the world. Moshe, the son, is observing from the side, while trying to follow in his father’s footsteps. But Moshe is also trying to examine his own individual self, trying to find his own place in the world.

    Hillel Chaim Rate • Israel • 2019 • 32′

  • Video de familie

    My Home Video

    Only one video tape remained of my parents. Finding it after almost 20 years made me realize that my sister and I have never spoken about our loss. We grew up with our grandparents in a Russian-German ghetto somewhere in rural Germany. I want to know about my sister´s feelings. And I want to let her know how I am feeling. (Andreas Boschmann)

    Andreas Boschmann • Germany • 2018 • 29′

  • Poetul meu

    My Poet

    “Your voice is in recordings / Your face is in photographs
    The saudade I feel for you / Has taken me back to Coimbra
    Today, I wonder what remains of you here.”
    Through places and encounters, poems and songs, the longing helps Hugo to revisit memories of his late father.

    Hugo Portea Larisch • Belgium • 2018 • 20′

  • La căpșuni

    Strawberry Fields

    Lenuţa is a Romanian single mom. The crosses she bears are heavy, yet she still finds it in her heart to tend to the smallest details and corners of her town. Her daily routine is about to be disrupted and she must now prepare her son Alex to learn to stand on his own two feet. Leaving is not a choice nor is it giving up. It is a vital risk that Lenuţa must take to create a better life for herself and those she cares for.

    Simon Frey, Priscilla Rasyid • Romania • 2018 • 18′

  • Amintiri din copilărie

    Tales From Our Childhood

    Director Mukul Haloi’s childhood friend dons a borrowed uniform and poses as an ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam) rebel. Another friend opens an old diary. Some other friends rehearse a play from the filmmaker’s childhood days. A poem by an ULFA rebel is recited. The film embarks on a journey to revive the memory of growing up in Assam in the 1990s – a turbulent time when ULFA was heading an armed rebellion for independence from India. Violence, death, and disappearance dominate the stories from those times. The film recollects and reconstructs fragments of those memories through personal narratives of the director’s friends, parents, and relatives.

    Mukul Haloi • India • 2019 • 69′

  • The Courier

    Nick is an ordinary guy from Russia. He goes to university, he goes out with his girlfriend and he likes skateboarding. But he has a secret: Nick is a marijuana courier. Drug market in Russia is a dangerous business. Every day Nick hides weed on the streets, runs away from the cops, quarrels with his girlfriend and hides the truth from parents. He started working as a courier to pay for his studies and buy a new guitar. But will his dreams come true?

    Maria Tikhonova • Russia • 2019 • 29′

  • Sanctuarul invizibil

    The Invisible Sanctuary

    In Kyoto, the former imperial capital of Japan, Masayo Fujio and Nobuko Takahashi narrate the painful account of their life. Through their stories, mingled with that of the district, Suujin, the past of an invisible Japanese community that is still discriminated today gradually surfaces again.
    The Burakumin, the descendants of a caste of pariahs from the feudal era, have a tragic history of severe discrimination and ostracism.

    Sayaka Mizuno • Switzerland • 2019 • 31′

  • The Opposite of Love is Not Hate

    A dark secret is buried under the floorboards of the house the four siblings are about to sell. In this personal documentary, the intricate balance of one family and the echoes of one person’s story within the family are examined. The memories of the four children are presented in a dream-like reality in which they confront a painful past.

    Hadas Hechter • Israel • 2019 • 28′

  • Strădaniile unui imbecil inteligent

    The Trials of a Fairly Intelligent Imbecile

    The director tries to make sense of this weird and vexing world, as philosophical questions haunt him. He turns to the texts of his teacher who had a great influence on him. He will try to challenge the professor’s philosophy and find one that he can make his own.

    James Chehab • Lebanon • 2018 • 24′

  • Părinților mei

    To My Parents

    As a child of Portuguese immigrants in Luxembourg, Melanie Pereira explores her parents’ past through videotapes, which they used to record their new surroundings and doings in that distant country. We discover their pasts and their struggles, as well as the director’s own effort to adjust in a country where she wasn’t born nor raised, without her parents.

    Melanie Pereira • Portugal • 2018 • 29′