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  • A Cup of Tea with Fred Taikon

    A Cup of Tea with Fred Taikon

    Fred Taikon, a journalist and militant of the Roma community in Sweden, talks about his childhood in the tabernacle on the outskirts of Stockholm and the difficulties of adapting to a new lifestyle, which started with moving into his first home, a house for which his father and grandfather fought for with the Swedish authorities. How do you think life is when you wake up every day in a car?

  • Alosarel


    In Dobrogea, Romania, lives a trace of the Ottoman Empire, the small community of Muslim Roma, called horahai, or xoraxai. Several times a year, the community members get together for weddings and baptisms, as well as for small bairam and big bairam. Then, most of the community scatters in the world. Horahai are always on the move, but is their freedom a choice or a necessity?

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  • Denoise

    An oil field in Texas, the engine room of a freighter, an immense anechoic chamber in Switzerland. These places are at the root of our daily existence because the objects which we love to fill our lives with begin and end their journey in these isolated and unfamiliar worlds. After knowing this, do we have a better understanding of the world?

    Giorgio Ferrero • 2017 • 13′

  • Dreaming in Za'atari

    Dreaming in Za’atari

    In Jordan’s Za’atari refugee camp, explore three Syrian teenagers’ hopes and dreams for the future through VR animations that transform the spaces around them. Za’atari is only of the refugee camps in Jordan, a country that has been deeply affected by the refugee crisis in Middle East, its population increasing by approximately one million (starting from nine million) between 2015 and 2019.

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  • From Waste to Taste

    From Waste to Taste

    Join Brazilians as they fight to end food waste by rescuing food that would have otherwise been thrown out and teaching future generations about the importance of food waste management. Food waste is one of the biggest issue of the society in the present day, as the production of food and the waste it generates deeply affect the environment.

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  • Late


    In Italy, the Roma often live in real concentration camps outside the cities. Iulian remembers the good times when his family had a barrack, as he is now living temporarily in a municipal theater, from where he expects they will soon be evicted.

  • Pearls of the Past

    Pearls of the Past

    Before Qatar’s skyrocket ascent to wealth after oil discovery, the tiny country relied on the sea. Join two vastly different generations as they dive deep into Qatar’s ancient pearling industry and are brought together by the past.

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  • The Course of Palm Oil

    The Course of Palm Oil

    Travel to the rainforest in Malaysia to see how the indigenous Orang Asli people are coping with deforestation caused to make way for oil palm trees, which produce the most used vegetable oil in the world.

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  • Winter

    Winter, Leave

    In North Macedonia’s capital of Skopje, three residents struggle to stay warm – and healthy – inside their homes, amid deadly winters and extremely polluted air.

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