1 Kilo - 3 Euro & Arsencik’s First Birthday
39 min

1 Kilo - 3 Euros

The people coming to a little parcel shop in Berlin, from where they can send packages to their native Georgia, have one thing in common: the longing for their home country. For Maka her parcel shop is a business she diligently takes care of, but for her clients, all Georgians living and working in Germany, the packages they send home are more than a mean to provide various things for their families, they are a mean to share memories and feelings.

Arsencik’s First Birthday

The first days of the war: a young mother from Ukraine crosses the border to Romania so that her baby, who will soon turn 1, can be safe. With news about the Ukrainian war raging in the background, the film shoes authentic fragments from one of the thousands of similar stories of women transiting Romania with their children, on their way to meet their families in the West.

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