La Prova & Geamăna
57 min

La Prova

Rosa and Peppe grow old together in the countryside in Southern Italy. Their only valuable possession is their pig and one day they decide to sacrifice it. The cotidian life of two seniors, husband and wife, who try their best to take care of themselves without help and also to communicate with each other. The documentary puts forth two realistic and funny portraits, approaching its protagonists with honesty, tenderness and a mix of irony and melancholy.


A village in the Apuseni mountains is flooded by the toxic waters coming from the copper mine in its vicinity, slowly being condemned to extinction. Not long ago, in the Geamăna village lived circa 1,000 people. Today, an old lady, one of the last remaining villagers, prepares to leave with her cow and dog. But for now, she is a guide in this film which captures, in long, suggestive takes, the rich history of this place.

Sections: DocSchool 2022