Albert Solé • Spain • 2021 • 66 min
All the men in Sifa's family went missing in the Srebenica massacre and were later identified in the mass graves, with the exception of her elder brother. Now, Sifa has to return to her native Bosnia for one more funeral.
In November 1995 was signed the Agreement that ended the Bosniac War, but is this Agreement imposed by the international community strong enough to guarantee future peace? This is the question posed by Sifa Suljic, a Bosnian from Srebrenica who ended up rebuilding her life in Catalonia. She is now returning to her country to bury the remains of her last family member to disappear in the massacre. In this journey for answers, we will see through her eyes to discover the current level of coexistence among neighbours who had grown up together and yet ended up despising and killing each other. And there is one question always on her mind: could it happen again?