Olga Lucovnicova • Belgium, Hungary, Portugal • 2021 • 21 min
A poetic journey into the past, where nostalgic memories of a happy childhood are shattered by deep-rooted trauma.
Olga travels back to the house of her great-grandparents, where she spent her childhood. The long-awaited family reunion interferes with her attempts to confront her uncle, who hid his double personality for decades. “I decided to make a film about my biggest pain - childhood memories that I had kept secret for decades. In my film, I tried to tell that, contrary to the stereotype, children are more often traumatized by close people, than strangers. These are people whom parents trust, such as relatives, friends, teachers. Parents teach their children to trust and obey these people, who, sometimes, may have dual personalities.” (Olga Lucovnicova)
Original Title:NANU TUDOR
Director:Olga Lucovnicova