One click away & Why didn't you stay for me?
36 min

Why didn’t you stay for me?

Rebekka, Stef, Hesel and Annabel share the same heart-breaking story: their fathers left them, choosing to commit suicide. After a personal trauma, the director interviews kids aged 10 to 13 whose parents committed suicide. The questions are direct and honest, while this courageous film tries to approach this difficult topic with sensibility: how do the children understand their fathers’ ultimate choice and how can they cope?

One click away

In a ultra-technologized world where any information is just one click away, the film’s director questions our perception of death. Using short interviews and various videos found online and hailing from all the corners of the world, the documentary offers a short dissertation on the topic of death and the great beyond, both from the personal and universal point of views.

Sections: DocSchool 2022