Only the Wind
Zofia Kowalewska • Poland • 2021 • 58 min
92-year-old Siskin travels more than 5,000 kilometres with his niece in order to reach an isolated village in Kazakhstan.
70 years have passed since Siskin last saw the place where he was exiled by the Soviets together with other 300,000 Poles during World War II. The journey is sentimental too, as Siskin meets the descendants of the lover he was forced to leave behind. The documentary charms with the kind interactions between Siskin and his niece. The loving care she provides him with and the often-said stories suddenly materialising in front of her, together with the events they face on their quest turn into a rare opportunity to witness the passage of time, the generation gap and the various issues of seniors and youngsters.
Original Title:Tylko wiatr
Director:Zofia Kowalewska