Łukasz Kowalski • Poland • 2022 • 81 min
The owners of a pawnshop facing bankruptcy would turn to desperate (and rather useless) measures in order to save their business.
Jola and Wiesiek are a larger-than-life couple who own Poland's biggest pawnshop. However, the time of its glory has passed with the closure of nearby mines and growing unemployment in the city and now the business is in serious danger. Jola and Wiesiek try a various range of solutions in order to save their livelihood and, although nothing seems to work, the pawnshop stays open and the people who visit do not bring only increasingly weird objects to sell but also their life stories. And here is how the pawnshop becomes a lively space for socialisation and a place where the local community can help its members in need.
Original Title:Lombard
Director:Łukasz Kowalski