Performing Juliet
András Visky • USA • 2021 • 40 min
Choosing to play in a monodrama over 300 times, in several countries and over 16 years, may look like activism or missionary work and not like the regular career of a successful actress who founded a theatre in Chicago.

But where does this passion come from? The actress plays the part of an Austro-Hungarian mother who is deported in 1958, together with her seven children, to the Lăteşti labor camp in the Bărăgan Plain. The film superimposes two stories, one focusing on the actress who is captive in an abusive relationship, while on stage she plays Juliet, and the haunting story of the latter, a story about survival and simultaneously a token for eternal love. These stories fly, like the dandelion seeds, across the world and innocently nurture mysteries wherever they find a fertile soul.

The screening will be preceded by the play that inspired the documentary, Juliet, with actress Melissa Lorraine herself playing the titular role once again.