Miriam Guttmann • Netherlands • 2021 • 134 min
For decades, Jan Karbaat was the most renowned fertility doctor in the Netherlands. But his career hid a sinister secret.
The story of the most renowned fertility doctor in the Netherlands during the 70s and 80s, Dr. Karbaat, who clandestinely used his own semen to impregnate over 65 of his patients. At the time, Dr. Karbaat was regarded a progressive pioneer, as he not only helped heterosexual couples, but also gay couples and single mothers. Now former patients, mothers of “Karbaat children”, discuss their longstanding wish for a child, and how it made them close their eyes to an often horrific and unbearable insemination treatment, which in cases included sexual intimidation and even abuse...
Original Title:SEEDS OF DECEIT
Director:Miriam Guttmann