Storgetnya & Leisure Time - A Summer's Day
50 min


In the depths of an Armenian salt mine there is a care center where people of all ages come to treat their pulmonary issues. At 230 metres below the surface of the earth, time flows slower and life has a special rhythm. The documentary explores the daily routine of the patients and staff of a clinic deep inside a salt mine, capturing both a certain state of mind and a specific atmosphere with a drop of magic realism.

Leisure Time - A Summer's Day

An ethnographic study, simultaneously absurd and funny, about the Danes who spend the ultra-long days of summer at their holiday cottages. In Denmark, having a summer cottage is kind of a must for middle-class and well-to-do people. Divided in several tableaus depicting several moments of a summer day, the documentary stars people of various ages and backgrounds captured in the middle of various activities having one single purpose: relaxation no matter what.

Sections: DocSchool 2022