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The play `Julieta` has as a main character a woman named Julieta who, alongside her seven children, was deported, in 1958, in the Romanian concentration camp Lățești from Bărăgani, because her husband, a reformed Hungarian priest, was considered an `enemy of the regime`, and got 22 years of imprisonment. The extreme conditions, the hunger, the cold and the hard day to day work soon become also a choice, as Julieta is offered a way out which she denies – by signing the divorce papers and participating in the re-education program, she could get out.

The main character of this `one woman show` goes through a clinical death caused by the sufferings caused by the hard labor, but mostly because of the fact that she realizes that, in these conditions, under no circumstances she cannot keep her children alive. The play, a Romeo and Juliet in the communist regime, is focused on the abyss of death and coming back to life of the main character, also presenting the day-to-day life of the people living in a Romanian concentration camp. The combining of tragic events with humoristic situations, the play is an introduction in to the Romanian communism, seen from the perspective of the children, the woman and the foreigner who doesn’t speak Romanian and doesn’t know the language of detention.

It is the most played piece of the tragedian, translated and played in ten languages, held on a poster for years and years, by many theatres in Europe and the United States.

Melissa Lorraine, actress and co-founder of Theater Y from Chicago, has been in this play for more than 300 times in many countries of the world, in the last 16 years, and know she is coming to Sibiu, especially for Astra Film Festival, to set up Julieta (a play by Andras Visky) under the guidance of Heni Varga (Serbia), with the musician Albert Márkos, who will readapt a song, especially for the play in Astra Film Festival. The show is followed by the movie Performing Juliet, which presents the motives behind her attachment to this play. We recommend that you see both the play and the movie. The play will take place on the Thalia Hall scene, in the 14th of October, from 5 PM. The price for one ticket is 25 lei.

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