Trapped in his own movie & May the Earth Become the Sky
44 min

Trapped in his own movie

A young director at the beginning of his career explores the life and career of Andrei Cătălin Băleanu, a promising director of Romanian cinema in the 1970s. This film about despair and failure centres on an original and authentic character: a talented director who co-directed the documentary Black Buffalo Water (1970) decides to give up filmmaking when he was only 30. Today, he lives in almost complete poverty.

May the Earth Become the Sky

In an orthodox parish in Lisbon, a nun who lives far from her family must face her existential dilemmas. Dividing her time between prayer and her daily chores, for example olive-picking, a woman ponders on how love and faith have shaped her life in this atmospheric film where image is more important than words.

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