Who Made You?
Härmä Iiris • Finland • 2019 • 54 min
When it comes to AI humanity only has one hand to play. Where is the thin line that separates evolution from the moment everything can turn against us? How well can we, the masses, understand and use it? Where are we heading if these days we talk about cyborgs, sex robots and androids after only 50 years of research?
We see revealing images from Finland, Spain, Sweden, Greece and Japan which give us an overview of the use of artificial intelligence today, in interaction with children, adults and the elderly. The film questions how the development of AI affects us as a species, how it is reflected in the community and how it affects our perception. With scenes presenting scientific realities - from fields such as nanotechnology, robotics and cognitive science - interspersed with emotional moments of AI-human interaction, the production captures a sequence from the reality of our future.