Privacy policy

At Astra Film International Film Festival we care about your privacy and therefore we want you to feel safe with how we handle and store your personal information. In order for you as a spectator/user of the Astra Film Festival promotion site/ ticket buyer to get the best deals and most relevant information possible we need to save your personal information.

The EU's new data protection regulation, GDPR, puts higher demand on how us, as an organization, manage and store your personal information. Thus, we guarantee that we function in compliance with such obligations and with Law no. 190 from the 18th of July 2018 regarding measures of implementation of the (EU) Regulations 2016/679, of The European Parliament and Council from the 27th of April 2016 regarding the protection of persons in what the processing of personal data is regarded and the free circulation of these data as well as the confidentiality policy that is established. In this privacy policy, you can read about how and why we manage and store personal information in confidentiality conditions.

Collection and Handling of Personal Information

When you purchase a ticket, request information about the festival, apply for accreditation or a job, or sign up as a volunteer, Astra Film Festival may save your personal information.

The grounds of this data storage in your consent that is expressed by agreeing to a collaboration relationship with Astra Film Festival.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goal, the personal data that was collected on the grounds of this collaboration relationship can be communicated and disclosed to third parties with which Astra Film is in contractual relations meant to contribute to and help fulfill the obligations that we undertake, without affecting the confidentiality of these data.

Information that might be collected by Astra Film Festival and that are considered as the minimum, necessary and indispensable in order to fulfill one of the above-mentioned goals are: name, surname, address, personal identification number, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, bank account or card details. Other interaction with Astra Film Festival might also be stored.

Astra Film Festival never collects any data other than that mentioned above. No sensitive data such as religious opinion, political conviction and sexual preferences is collected or stored.

Astra Film Festival stores your personal information in a safe manner in accordance with current data protection laws. Only individuals who need to handle personal data have access to the information collected and the right to handle personal data.

Astra Film Festival never sells personal information to third parties.

The purpose of collecting your personal data is to provide you as a ticket buyer or industry contact with better support and service, and to contact you with relevant information.

One estimates that the interpretation of the personal data collected can take place until the date when you will withdraw your assent regarding this data or after maximum 5 years in which there is no withdrawal of consent. The data can be stored after this term or after withdrawal of consent if there is a legitimate interest, a legal obligation or other legal grounds (such as a litigation or a legal disposition regarding the archiving, the reporting obligations a.s.o.)

Astra Film Festival will periodically evaluate and update the implemented security measures so that the security and safety of the personal data processing be ensured and access of unauthorized persons to these data be avoided.


Astra Film is obliged to ensure the confidentiality of your data and not to use information from collecting personal data with other purposes than those for which it was collected or those necessary for fulfilling the undertaken obligations.


Astra Film is obliged to follow the legal stipulations regarding the protection of personal data. To this extent, you have the right to request the information we have on you and to request information about how it is handled. You can ask for a correction of the personal data at any time. You have the right to ask for a limitation of the processing or to request that all information we have on you be deleted. The withdrawal of the consent regarding this data processing can take place any time, in a simple manner and without the necessity of an argument, by addressing an application with this aim to the coordinates below.


If you have any questions regarding your personal information or anything coved in this privacy policy feel free to contact us at