Marriage, Sex and Beyond

A harmonious lifelong relationship under the legalized form of marriage - this is the utmost desire of all the protagonists of these four films. Stereotypical as it may seem at first sight, set in everyday life context, the filmmakers' camera brings to the wide screen utterly unexplored aspects of this generous topic: intimacy, love, belonging, affection, marital sex, domestic violence, incest, trauma, gay marriage and many more.

  • A Thousand Girls Like Me

    When Khatera, a 23-year-old Afghan, opposes the will of her family and the traditions of her country to seek justice for 13 years of sexual abuse from her father, she sheds light on the faulty Afghan judicial system and the women it rarely protects. One woman’s obstinate battle to make her voice heard demonstrates the power of action over fear. We learn that when the community refuses to listen, your only choice is to shout louder.

    Sahra Mosawi-Mani • Afghanistan • 2018 • 81

  • Heartbound

    Sommai, a former sex worker from Pattaya, Thailand, lives in the windswept Northern Jutland. 25 years ago, she came to Denmark to marry Niels, and ever since, she has helped countless women from her village in Thailand marry Danish men. Now, it is her niece Kae’s turn. Sommai and Niels put a personal ad in the newspaper, and soon a suitor comes forward. Ten years later, we meet all of them again and see the consequences of their choices in life.

    Sine Plambech, Janus Metz • Denmark • 2018 • 90′

  • School of Seduction

    School of Seduction

    In School of Seduction, we follow the lives of three young Russian women: Diana, Lida and Vika, who live in St. Petersburg and share the goal of finding a husband and climbing the social ladder. But how to find a man in a country where women by far outnumber men? Psychologist Vladimir Rakovsky has an easy solution. He is a tutor of his own “School of Seduction” and runs highly priced courses, simply titled: “How to seduce rich men”. But does it work?

    Alina Rudnitskaya • Denmark • 2019 • 98′

  • The Night of all Nights

    Together. For a lifetime. Who can manage this? And who still wants this? What seems to be an oddity for us nowadays was the norm for the generation of our grandparents. This documentary portrays four couples from Japan, USA, India and Germany who all have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary together. It’s a light-hearted and humorous experience, which reveals the secrets of long-term partnerships and love. It is also a touching discussion on commitment, growing old, belonging, intimacy, affection, conflicts and even the first sexual experience together.

    Yasemin Şamdereli • Germany • 2018 • 93′