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The golden age of documentary cinema is still at its peak. Every year, newcomers are adding new voices to the sparkling body of this genre, by shaping its language while diving to the depths of human nature. It is the fourth year when Astra Film Festival has redesigned the traditional international competition section to what is now called New Voices in Documentary Cinema, choosing the first, second or third films of dedicated filmmakers at the beginning of their career, who boldly experiment with the tools of their craft to tackle unusual topics from unusual angles, with subtle story-telling and highly accomplished results. Here is a hand-picked selection of eight authors from around the world, the New Voices of Astra's 2021 edition. Each of them stands out not only thanks to the exceptional slice of reality they are highlighting, but also to the wildly varied stylistic choices of their authors. And all of them explore relevant and timely topics, which could have never been showcased more clearly than with the multitude of resources and means of documentary cinema. Our New Voices section is a celebration of the genre!

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