Astra Film Chișinău. Documentary film is the road that brings destinies and communities together

Astra Film Chisinau was a true celebration of documentary film, which lasted three days, like in a fairy tale, bringing to the audience in the capital of Moldova something of the charm of the prestigious festival that has been held continuously in Sibiu since 1993. The audience had the opportunity to meet Romanian filmmakers and watch some of the best non-fiction films from the Astra Film Festival selection. The films dedicated to young people, followed by film literacy workshops, and the "Floare de Maidan" concert (Subcarpathian Cultural Centre) had a special charm. The Astra Film Chisinau event was organised by Astra Film and CNM Astra and financed by the Romanian Government's Department for Relations with the Republic of Moldova and the Romanian Cultural Institute through its representation in Chisinau.

The films screened at Astra Film Chisinau, many of which won major awards at the Sibiu festival, were grouped into two themes with profound meanings ("Roads that bring us closer" and "Destinies & communities"). Hundreds of spectators came to see the documentaries, and the opening film, "Transalpina - The Road of Kings", screened in the presence of director Dumitru Budrala, was packed in the Great Hall of the National Art Museum of Moldova.

"I was very pleased with the way we were received by the people of Chisinau and the interest shown by the audience, who came in such large numbers to see non-fiction films. I spoke to many fascinating people and was reinforced in my conviction that documentary film is a cultural language that goes straight to the soul and mind of the viewer. A path that brings together destinies and communities", said Dumitru Budrala, Founding Director of Astra Film Festival.
"The success of this year's edition in Chisinau convinced us to make every effort to continue our collaboration with Astra Film in Moldova in the years to come", said Adrian Dupu, Secretary of State of the DRRM.

Among the audience of all ages were high officials such as Adrian Dupu (Secretary of State, DRRM), Sergiu Prodan (Minister of Culture), Anatolie Topală (Ministry of Education and Research), Cristian-Leon Țurcanu (Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Moldova) and Graham Paul (Ambassador of France to the Republic of Moldova), numerous people of culture from the Republic of Moldova, such as Virgil Mărgineanu (President of the Union of Filmmakers of Moldova), Valentina Iusuphodjaev (Director of the National Centre of Cinematography of the Republic of Moldova), Tudor Zbârnea (Director of the National Art Museum of Moldova), director and screenwriter Dumitru Olărescu and many others.

The enthusiasm of the audience at the Astra Film Chisinau screenings proved once again the importance of cultural links, which are real "roads that bring together destinies and communities".
Other News
Volunteers of all ages at Astra Film Festival
04 iun. 2024
The Astra Film Festival opens registration for volunteers and accepts people of any age, the only condition being that the legal minimum age for voluntary activities is met (14 years old).
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Cinemateca Astra Film reopens its doors this summer, returning in June with four of the best award-winning documentaries from the latest edition of the festival.
The High Patronage of the President of Romania for Astra Film Festival and Astra Film Junior
26 mar. 2024
The International Astra Film Festival in Sibiu will be, for the ninth year, under the High Patronage of the President of Romania, being considered one of the major events on our country's cultural agenda. This year's edition of the festival will take place in Sibiu, from October 20th to 27th, 2024.
Registrations for Astra Film Festival 2024 are open
23 ian. 2024
Registrations are open for the 2024 edition of the Astra Film International Documentary Film Festival in Sibiu. AFF 2024 will take place this year from October 20-27, and filmmakers from all over the world can submit their documentaries until April 15.
Astra Film Festival 2023 Awards
22 oct. 2023
The best films of the 30th anniversary edition of the Astra Film Festival were announced on Saturday night in Sibiu, in a Thalia hall full of people and emotion, as is the case every time a competition chooses its winners.
/images/CALEA LAPTELUI.03_10_foto AFF.jpeg
„Milky way," by Dumitru Budrala, Special Screening at Astra Film Festival
18 oct. 2023
The documentary film „Milk Way" (work-in-progress), directed by Dumitru Budrala, which portrays the fascinating world of transhumance, will be presented to the Astra Film Festival audience in the presence of the main characters on Friday evening at 6:00 PM at Thalia Hall in Sibiu
/images/17.10.2023-Transhumanta-Marius Sumlea-11.jpeg
Exhibitions Are an Experience at Astra Film Festival
17 oct. 2023
The Astra Film Festival public is invited to four exhibitions open in Sibiu only during the festival, in spaces full of stories, from the Astra Film headquarters in Piața Mică and the foyer of Sălii Thalia, to Promenada Mall and the Mini Dome installed in Piața Mare. Access is free, and the experience is unique, the organizers say.
Dadestar Chaveste. Fiddle Story by Iulian Ignat at Astra Film Festival
16 oct. 2023
The fascinating universe of fiddlers is presented at Astra Film Festival 30 in a unique exhibition entitled "Dadestar chaveste"/ "From father to son", signed by the photographer Iulian Ignat. The exhibition will be inaugurated today, starting at 16:00, in the side foyer of the Thalia Hall, with the release of an album, with the same name, in the presence of the author