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Luca Lucchesi • Germany • 2021 • 93 min /Romanian Premiere
Villagers in Sicily worship a statue of a black Jesus. One day, a refugee from Ghana asks to carry the statue in the annual procession...
For centuries, people in a small Sicilian village have worshipped a statue of a black Jesus. 19-year-old Edward from Ghana, a resident of the refugee centre which is the subject of great controversy in the village, asks to carry the statue in the annual procession and to stand next to the locals that bear its cart. The community is divided over the response... Here is a perfectly balanced documentary piece, a collective portrait of a small Sicilian town. The author showcases masterful portraits of dozens of perfectly chosen characters, revealing the colorful social fabric of the local life. The dynamic of a clear-cut storyline is underlined by an original music score.
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