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Lidia Ilie • Romania • 2021 • 38 min /WORLD PREMIERE
An elderly woman's last hope for not being forced to sell her cow is the hypothetical return of her daughter-in-law from Italy.
A massive emigration phenomenon as seen through the eyes of Aurica Matei, an 83-year-old woman who lives in a Romanian village with her 91-year-old husband, Costică. They, like too many other Romanian families, had to raise their grandson from a very early age, as his mother went to Italy for work. After 20 years, she hasn`t yet returned home and the grandparents now have to face the biggest dilemma of their generation: whether to sell their cow, as they are not physically able to milk it anymore. Somehow, Grandma Aurica's last hope for keeping the cow is the return of her daughter–in–law from Italy, for good.
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