blur Dadestar Chaveste. Fiddle Story by Iulian Ignat at Astra Film Festival

Dadestar Chaveste. Fiddle Story by Iulian Ignat at Astra Film Festival

The fascinating universe of fiddlers is presented at Astra Film Festival 30 in a unique exhibition entitled "Dadestar chaveste"/ "From father to son", signed by the photographer Iulian Ignat. The exhibition will be inaugurated today, starting at 16:00, in the side foyer of the Thalia Hall, with the release of an album, with the same name, in the presence of the author. Special guest is the French photographer residing in Sibiu Louis Guermond. The exhibition can be visited between October 16 and 21, between 11:00 and 20:00. And on October 22, between 11:00 and 15:00.
"I was conquered by the warmth, humor, naturalness of these people and, above all, by their music. I see them as messengers of a magical job, carried on from generation to generation, until today", declared Iulian Ignat.
"Dadestar chaveste" means "From father to son" in Romanian. In the book we learn about their life stories and about the continuity of this job, over the years, in the family. The volume contains 64 black-and-white photographs, 20 of which can be found in the author's 14th personal exhibition.
Liev Schreiber is also a well-known supporter of the causes of Ukrainians and an official ambassador of the United24 platform, launched by the President of Ukraine to raise funds from around the world.
"A good journalist and music lover, Iulian Ignat had the flair to transmit the oral histories of some dynasties of violinists, revealing a world in all its authenticity and flavor," says Adriana Bittel, one of the strongest voices of contemporary Romanian literature.
"The book is a collection of seductive and insightful interviews with some of the most valuable popular musicians in Romania today, also intelligent, reflective people with a concise and expressive speech," said Speranța Rădulescu, renowned ethnomusicologist and anthropologist.
Iulian Ignat is editor and photographer of Formula As magazine. His most recent exhibitions were dedicated to the traditions of the Sibian village of Gura Râului, the dance show signed by Răzvan Mazilu, Urban Kiss, and world music concerts, in "Buena Vista și alte Tarafuri".

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