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AFF 2023 registration details
The Astra Film Festival will take place from 15 to 22 October 2023. A selection of the official programme will be available online afterwards.
Founded in 1993, the Astra Film Festival has become one of the leading platforms for documentary film in Romania and Europe. AFF is looking for documentary films with a strong presence of the director's perspective, both in form and content. Particularly appreciated are cinematic qualities and honesty, courage to tackle difficult subjects, originality and creativity.
Films must be part of the documentary genre.
The Astra Film Festival consists of competitive programmes and non-competitive sections.
Competitive sections:
Emerging documentary voices
Eligible are feature-length documentaries (over 50 min.) completed after 01.01.2022, by first, second or at most third-time filmmakers.
Central & Eastern Europe
Feature-length documentaries (over 50 min.) completed after 01.01.2022, dealing with issues specific to the former communist bloc area are eligible.
Eligible are documentaries completed after 01.01.2022, produced or co-produced in Romania and international productions/co-productions dealing with issues specific to Romania, regardless of their duration.
Documentaries completed after 01.01.2022, produced or co-produced by universities/film institutes or within post-graduate film specialisation programmes are eligible, regardless of their duration.
In addition to the competitive sections, the official programme includes a series of curatorial selections, thematic sections and special programmes.
The final decision on which section the selected films will be included in rests with the organisers. You have the possibility to accept or reject the organisers' proposal, but please note that once you have accepted your film's inclusion in the official AFF 2023 programme, the film cannot be withdrawn.
The entry fee is 15 Euro per film. The film is considered entered when the payment is registered by Astra Film.
Other News
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The anniversary edition of the Astra Film Festival, a leap into the future of cinema with immersive films and full-dome projections
21 sept. 2023
This autumn, the Great Square in Sibiu becomes ground zero for the future of cinema, thanks to the installation of two dome cinemas and an immersive Infinity Mirror Room. These will be set up in the city center during the anniversary edition of the Astra Film Festival (October 15-22), a cultural event celebrating its 30th year.
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Astra Film Junior. Children and teenagers, invited to cinematic adventures in the magical realm of documentary film
18 sept. 2023
Astra Film Junior. Children and teenagers, invited to cinematic adventures in the magical realm of documentary film
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Press Accreditations
14 sept. 2023
Information available soon
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WORKSHOP DOC – Documentary Film Workshop for Students
07 sept. 2023
WORKSHOP DOC – Documentary Film Workshop for Students Astra Film Festival 2023, in collaboration with the National University of Theatre and Film "I.L. Caragiale," Documentary Film Master's Program, is organizing a documentary film workshop for students, aged 18 to 25,as part of its 30th edition.
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The Astra Film Festival 30 anniversary edition proposes a selection of the newest and best Romanian documentaries
07 sept. 2023
The anniversary edition of the Astra Film Festival, which will take place in Sibiu between October 15-22, challenges the public to activate all their senses and look at documentary films as a mirror of their own inner world. Life stories that will be screened at the Astra Film Festival tackle essential topics, from social and political issues to deep explorations of human nature. So are the 17 Romanian productions selected in three of this year's competitive sections , Romania, Emerging Voices of Documentary Film and DocSchool, which propose forays into a carousel of human emotions. The complete list of all films from the official selection, here:
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Top premieres at the anniversary edition of AFF 2023
24 aug. 2023
The Astra Film Festival's anniversary edition, set to take place in Sibiu from October 15th to October 22nd, 2023, marks a significant milestone in the world of documentary filmmaking. Over the past three decades, Sibiu has established itself as a prominent hub for documentary cinema. This enduring tradition continues into its 30th year, where numerous documentary filmmakers choose to premiere their works in front of an informed audience. In fact, three-quarters of the films selected for the co
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24 aug. 2023
NEW VOICES / VOCI EMERGENTE Orlando, my political biography | Orlando, biografia mea politică | Paul B. Preciado | France | 2023 | 98 The mother of all lies | La început a fost minciuna | Asmae El Moudir | Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar | 2023 | 97 ANQA | Supravieţuitoarele | Helin Celik | Austria, Spain | 2023 | 91 A Holy Family | Sacru şi profan în bucătărie | Elvis A-Liang Lu | Taiwan, France | 2022 | 88 Between Revolutions | Între Revoluţii | Vlad Petri | Romania, Croatia, Qatar, Iran
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Become a volunteer for the anniversary edition of Astra Film Festival!
11 iul. 2023
The Astra International Documentary Film Festival in Sibiu opens the volunteer program for the 30th edition, which will take place between October 15-22, 2023. Young people from all over the country, who know foreign languages (knowledge of English is mandatory), responsible, motivated, creative and sociable. They can apply until September 17 in departments such as info-point, guest, public speaking, logistics, screening locations and spaces, industry, photo-video, subtitling, technical, crisis
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