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Astra Film meets the audience at home, moving from the cinema to the online space, broadcasting award-winning nonfiction films from around the world.

In this collective experience, the film creates and maintains strong connections between people, regardless of location and situation, making us focus on cultural diversity and complexity and on essential human values and principles, again recognizing the significance of solidarity. The films from the Astra Film Online program will be available on the festival's website and on our Facebook pages.

The program of Astra Film Online films May 25-31 week

Directed by Tom Heinemann | Denmark | 2013 | 57'
Synopsis: The signer countries of the Kyoto Protocol engaged in carbon emission and greenhouse gases reduction, but left a loophole: if a certain country exceeds the carbon limit, it can buy carbon credits in third world countries, where they can develop ecological projects. However, many of these projects failed to meet the promissed standards. Moreover, Europol estimates a 10 billion fraud of European funds on the carbon market. Carbon emissions have never been higher and it has never been cheaper to pollute.
Directed by Nebojsa Slijepcevic | Croatia, Germany, Romania | 2013 | 80'
Synopsis: Matchmaker Nediljko Babic, a.k.a the "Ganster", tries to help a single mother from Bulgaria to find a husband in Croatia. Throughout the searches, the woman meets several possible matches, but without any results. Croatian men are rigid and conservatory, and they cannot imagine marrying a foreigner who also has a child on top of everything. Nediljko Babic is a captivating character in the role of a marriage broker, and the film deals very earnestly with the issue of rudimentary mentalities and social aspects of the rural areas in spite of the humorous and casual approach.
Directed by Sami Mustafa | Germany, Kosovo | 2016 | 90'
Synopsis: The room is completely dark and empty apart from a spotlight that shines on a young man sitting in an armchair. Another shot, same scene shows us a second man. The two are brothers, here to tell their story of how a single night stripped them of their nationality, identity and sense of safety. Diving into the absurd intricacies of the legal system, the documentary “Trapped By Law” follows two Roma brothers over the course of five years, starting with their sudden overnight deportation from Germany to Kosovo, from where their family fled thirty years back. Director Sami Mustafa splits his film into chapters, in an attempt to mark the crucial moment of this odyssey and make sense of all that is happening, while he himself gradually becomes a protagonist in the story. Investigating the meaning of nationality and the different layers of forced displacement, the film mixes on-site footage with post-factum interviews, creating an intimate portrait of the two brothers as they try to return to their families and the country that cast them away.